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About Me

AJ Fleur | Annabel

Who I am...

Never ever in a million years did I think floral design was a calling of mine. 

Wait..... now that I think of it...there were hints....


I remember my mom had this humongous hydrangea bush in our backyard ; my sisters and I would gather the huge white blooms and make arrangements or pick them and sprinkle them over each other while walking down a grass aisle.


I was devastated when my dad cut it down due to it taking over the back yard and clogging the drains. Same with a lilac tree that stopped blooming. 

Okay so there were strong hints :-)


I am a plant lover who didn't know it until later in life.  I didn't realize how much until I gave up a steady job with benefits to work in a floral shop. The pay cut was brutal but the experience was life changing. I loved going to work everyday. Surrounding myself with plants and flowers felt so good. I am so grateful for that experience and have continued to build from there. 


Floral enthusiast,  plant saver, mommy of one and dog rescuer...that is me:-)

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